The Only Lost Girl Who Helps Me With My Motivation Map
she should be here right now comforting you
not as strong as a swollen stream in early may
a feeling i only want to poke with a stick
Sick Dove, Fantasies Of Abduction
prairie pusher belonging in a bed of hay
Melted Changeling, Student Holding Teacher
assault the moon for me
steal a cloud for me
i'm bride-hopeful with no god crutch
Drawers Hiked, Ode To Bloomers
milk-teeth missing, lips bee-stung, nipples swell
nothingness for baby
Poor Girl's Excuse For A Disposition
cherry stained
lipstick called life
I Am The Thread That Will Mend Your Worn Heart
qUiLt TiL u WiLt
if i had a flower for every timeā€¦
Rockaby With My Natural Curtsy
like, like a sigh
rip a ribbon & watch me fall