“I’m overcome with loss, that I must only be myself. I know I’m at home but I don’t recognize it. I don’t recognize you...who are you?”
Celetta: the mother of Yves and Jodi

A mother without function. She finds domesticity excruciatingly boring and so has expanded upon the traditional American family. Her new model for rearing children is chaotic, nodal, almost as if cut and paste together in it’s own promiscuous order. She loves her children and sees no reason why this should interfere with her love of the world. Her energy is electric, and magnetic. There is dewey quality to her eyes that adds fragility to her fearlessness, as if the intensity of her emotions is what fosters her capricious behavior. Her face is mutable, a palette for her addiction to affect. Sometimes her proclivity for adventure outside of her roles in the home come at a cost. Celetta’s character emerges in the Sitcom narrative in costume as a pregnant Jewish Orthodox woman.

The Plumbing Tree by Bully Fae Collins and Amanda Horowitz